A&W Stonemasonry.
Your Stonemason in Cardiff

So many houses and other buildings have hidden beauty masked by grime, paint, cement or simple neglect. Wayne Burston is a stonemason who works in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. He specialises in restoring the style and beauty of old stone work. His work can give your home or building a new lease of life and restore its former beauty.

With over 30 years of experience as a local stonemason, Wayne lives in the Cardiff area. A sympathetic restoration requires knowledge and understanding. He takes great care to retain the original character of the building at all times and his results speak for themselves. See some of his work here.

Quality and Beauty – A Stonemason Objective

Internal Stonemasonry

Whether it’s a stone castle or repointing a simple brick garden wall, a bit of care and attention can make all the difference. A&W Stomemasonry can restore a former beauty that many would never realise was there.

If ownership lies in the benefit to a man then the mason owns all the work he does in the world

Cormac McCarthy

Beautiful Bricks and Sublime Stone…

So if your house is looking the worse for wear and needs a bit of a face-lift, then contact A&W Stomemasonry for a quote. Imagine how much better your house and garden will look! Stripping all the old paint off and repointing the walls will make such a difference. If you have Bath Stone underneath layers of paint, as professional stone cleaners we can restore it to its former glory. We can clean any stonework by the way. And what’s more the stone cleaning will not only look fantastic but will also add years to the stone.