Stone Cleaning and Restoration

Stone masonry isn’t just about building and repairing ornate buildings. It’s also about restoring, renovating and cleaning. Done properly, stone cleaning can completely rejuvenate your property. Done wrongly, it can cause irreparable damage. It’s a little known fact that painting over bathstone can actually accelerate its decay.

Bathstone Restoration Before and After
Before and After Bathstone Cleaning and Restoration

Here at Burstone Masonry we specialise in bathstone cleaning and restoration. In addition, we also carry out other types of stone cleaning. You’d be surprised at how many period properties out there have beautiful stone facades hidden by paint and grime. After restoration, they can look absolutely stunning.

We sensitively restore your weathered bathstone to preserve it for generations to come. For instance, we use the old tried and tested methods to clean and restore your building’s masonry. Our skilled craftsmen will clean all the accumulated dirt from years of pollution and weathering from your bathstone to restore your period property to its former glory.

Change something like this…

We can rebuild, repoint and carry out structural repairs too. For example, it’s not just stone that can benefit from our restorative techniques. Brickwork can be completely transformed by using appropriate cleaning techniques and good pointing. In other words, you’ll never again see it as ‘just a brick wall’.

…into something more like this!

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